At Jiva Healthcare we use the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as the minimum we expect from all our homes. On top of that we pledge to always ensure the following aims and objectives are met:

  • Treating everyone as an individual:
    We want to make sure that the care we deliver are tailored to the needs of the individual. We believe this person centred approach gives the best results for our residents.
  • Caring for people in a way that we ourselves would want to be cared for:
    Whenever our staff make a decision on any aspect of their job, we always ask that they consider whether they would find it acceptable to be cared for in that way.
  • Listening to our residents and including their opinions in all decision making:
    When doing anything that affects the residents, we are always mindful of the fact that our homes are their home. Therefore, we include them in every decision that affects their care.
  • Encouraging residents to engage in responsible risk taking:
    Risk taking is a part of everyday life; we do not want to deny anyone the chance to take risks just because they live in a care home. We work closely with all our residents.
  • Providing varied, nutritional meals for all our residents:
    We believe that a healthy, balanced diet is essential for everyone and always ensure that we provide everyone in the home with a choice of food.
  • Caring for the whole person, not just the illness:
    Society often defines people with mental health problems according to their diagnosis. We know there is more to a person than that and always try to find their true identity that lies beyond their illness.
  • Encouraging people to pursue their own interests:
    We are always trying to help residents to find activities they are interested in and will support them in any way we can. We organise regular trips out that are always chosen by the residents.
  • Helping people to gain the social skills requited to form healthy relationships:
    A lot of people here have been in institutions for a long time and this can negatively impact upon their ability to their ability to integrate into society. By treating people with dignity and respect, we can help them to learn to trust others and communicate appropriately. This can have a profound effect on them and we have seen strong relationships develop between residents and people outside of the home as a result.
  • Improving people’s independence as much as possible:
    The residents that stay with us have the potential to move on to more independent accommodation, others sadly do not. Regardless of whether someone can move on, we always try to help people to improve their independence by teaching them new skills and providing them with challenging care plans.
  • Improving people’s physical health:
    A lot of anti-psychotic medication can slow the metabolism and make exercise very difficult. By encouraging people to be active, and eat healthily and give up smoking, we can help them to make changes to their lives that will benefit them in the long run.
  • Having a holistic approach to care:
    We always look at the individual as a whole. We are set up to care for people with mental health problems, but we will provide help and support in any way we can in order to aid people with their recovery and put them on the right path for a rich, fulfilling future.